Update 12/17/2020


Update 12/17/2020

We have not identified any new positive individuals for the last 14 days. We are have closed the outbreak and are now returning to preventative protocol. The employees will continue to wear a facemask and face shield when caring for your loved ones. Thank you to the amazing management team and phenomenal front line workers who have displayed such dedication and compassion.

Update 12/14/2020

We have received all of our Covid-19 testing back and are excited to share that the results are all negative. We are testing again today. As long as we do not have any new positives identified we will be closing out the outbreak after 12/16/2020. Please reach out to Erica Kremitzki at (217)826-2358 or Amy Hannig with any questions or concerns. Thank you all for your wonderful support throughout this process.

Update 12/11/2020

We have completed the testing of all residents and employees and they should arrive at the lab this morning. We are continuing to don all required PPE. To schedule a video all please reach out to Megan Johnson at (217)826-2358 Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30p.

Update 12-9-2020

We have received covid-19 testing results and have identified two positive employees. We have initiated facility wide testing for all employees and residents. The employees are donning full PPE in resident care areas. We will be re-testing all resident and employees that had previously tested negative following the initial testing.

Resident safety is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure we stop the spread of COVID-19 within our facility. We are in close contact with IDPH, local health department, as well as the ombudsman. Please contact Erica Kremitzki at (217)826-2358 for any questions you may have.

12/1/2020 Update

We have received the final covid-19 test results and they are also negative. We have returned to outbreak prevention procedures which includes universal masking, universal use of face shields, and social distancing. We continue in tier 3 mitigation which suspends all in person visits. We can continue with window visits and video chats. Please contact Megan Johnson at (217)826-2358 to set up a video call. If your loved one does not have an outside window please contact Megan to set up a window visit also. Thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement and support. Your kind words have helped us stay strong through this tough time.

11/30/2020 Update

We are excited to share that we have received all of the resident Covid testing results. They have all returned negative. Thank you to the dedication of our amazing employees!!! We do still have two employee tests outstanding. Because we have not identified any new positive cases in the last 14 days, our last day of outbreak will be today. Moving forward we will remove the plastic barrier and close the dedicated unit. We will remove the requirement for all employees to wear gowns for the care of all residents. We will continue wearing facemasks and face shields as preventative measures. Our region will remain in tier 3 mitigation requiring suspension of all visits (except for compassionate care), group activities, and facility wide communal dining. Please feel free to reach out to Amy Hannig or Erica Kremitzki for any questions.

11/26/2020 Update

We have now received the results from the facility wide testing on 11/19/2020. We are so thankful that all of the results are negative!!! Thank you to the amazing employees for going above the call of duty to keep the residents and team safe. Although we are unable to visit in person we continue to allow for window visits and video chatting. We hope that every one is having a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


We have identified a resident that has tested positive. We have initiated outbreak protocol and set up a dedicated unit. We completed facility wide testing 11/19/20 and are awaiting results. We will continue to be in direct contact with the local health department as well as IDPH. We are continuing to follow all state and federal guidance. For any questions please contact Amy Hannig or Erika Kremitzki at (217)826-2358.

Update 11/18/2020

We have identified a positive employee and have been in close contact with the local health department. We are following all guidance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our resident and team. We will be testing all resident and team members to promote early detection and assist with containment of this virus. We will continue to update this website as necessary. Please contact Amy or Erica at (217)826-2358 for any questions or concerns.

Update 10/31/2020


To:  Region 6 Long-Term Care Facilities, Local Health Department Administrators, ERCs, CD staff, PIOs, and Public Health Nurses

CC:  IDPH Director, IDPH Assistant Director, IDPH Chief of Staff, IDPH Deputy Directors, IDPH PIOs, IDPH RHOs, IDPH CD Leads, IDPH OPR Leads, IDPH ERCs, IDPH REMSCs, IDPH Lab Director / Leads, IDPH Long Term Care Leads, IEMA Director / Staff, ASPR, and RHCC’s

From:  Illinois Department of Public Health

Date:  October 30, 2020

Subject: Mitigation Measures for Long-term Care (LTC) Facilities in COVID-19 Region 6

Starting Monday, November 2, Illinois COVID-19 Region 6 is subject to mitigation measures (Tier 1) due to high test positivity rates in the region. Note the following points, based on IDPH’s LTC reopening guidance that took effect on August 14 and was updated on October 21: Reopening Guidance

  • Any LTC facilities in Region 6 that have already advanced to CMS Phase 2 or 3 must suspend indoor visitation and off-site outings. Meanwhile, outdoor visitation may continue. Indoor visitation and off-site outings (if in Phase 3) can be resumed 14 days after tiered mitigation for the region is lifted.
  • Any LTC facilities in Region 6 that have not yet advanced out of CMS Phase 1 are not eligible to advance to CMS Phase 2 until 14 days after tiered mitigation in the region is lifted. Specifically, that means that any plans to begin indoor visitation in association with phase advancement must be postponed until that time. Meanwhile, outdoor visitation may continue.