Update 12/10/2021

All of the results from the facility wide testing on 12/6/2021 were negative. We have completed another round of facility wide testing yesterday and are expecting those results on 12/11/2021. We are working diligently to ensure the safety of all residents and employees. While we are still in outbreak, visitation is not recommended. If you must visit during this time, please call the facility so that we are able to prepare for your arrival. We prefer that you visit during normal business hours. Upon arrival we will check your temperature, ask you some questions and gather contact information. A mask is required for the duration of your visit. You must sanitize your hands before entering the resident care area. You will go directly to your visitation area without stopping in any other areas. Once your visit is completed you will directly exit the resident care area and sanitize your hands prior to exiting the front lobby. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Amanda Yoder (217)826-2358.