Established in 2012, Stern Therapy Consultants was initially conceived as a plan to help nursing homes get away from contract therapy companies and instead have their therapy staff hired in-house. The obvious benefits to this setup was to give each therapy department the resources of a large therapy company and at the same time eliminating the inherent conflict of working for an outside company while trying to promote the goals of each building. To achieve this goal, Stern Therapy Consultants developed a contract which enabled our staff to direct the day to day operations of a therapy department that removed the concept of billing homes by the minute, unit or RUG and instead focused on what was best for each patient and each building. This setup resulted in ensuring that every therapist felt like a member of the facility’s team not some outside provider working under contract.

As time went on, several nursing home chains approached our organization with the request to apply the above concept to create an in-house company which would service all their buildings but be managed by Stern Therapy Consultants. To attain this goal, several therapy companies were created which were managed day to day by Stern Therapy Consultants but retained the culture of the facilities they serviced.

With our therapy concept well developed, and with increased demand for our expertise in other areas from our clients, Stern Therapy Consultants began to offer additional services to our clients. Building on the recruiting, HR and audit services already in place, Stern began to consult in other areas including MDS, billing and purchasing. These additional departments meant that in 2015, we were able to offer a complete package of long term care services and begin operating as the back office for skilled nursing Facilities.

Today, Stern Therapy Consultants is well placed to take on the needs of any long term care facility. From overseeing the therapy departments, to recruiting for specific positions or running entire facilities, we have the knowledge and wherewithal to give any skilled nursing facility the tools they need to succeed.